Glatt Kosher Products

Pareve – Products LB. / CASE Apprx. Pcs
Mushroom Tortellini 2/5LB 750
Meat Tortellini  2/5LB 750
Tomato Tortellini  2/5LB 750
Meat Ravioli 2/5LB 160
Spinach Ravioli 2/5lb 160
Mini Spinach Ravioli  2/5lb 160
Mushroom Ravioli  2/5lb 160
Mini Mushroom Ravioli 2/5lb 400
Butternut Squash Ravioli 275lb 160
Mini Butternut Squash Ravioli 2/5lb 400
Potato Pierogi 2/5lb 250
Butternut Squash Pierogi 2/5lb 250
Cabbage Pierogi 2/5lb 250
Breaded Cabbage Pierogi 2/5lb 250
Meat Empanadas (pareve) 2/5lb 220
Artichoke Ravioli 2/5lb 160
Mini Artichoke 275lb 400
Meat – Products LB. / CASE Apprx. Pcs
Chicken Pelmeni 2/5LB 450
Meat Pelmeni Beth Yosef  2/5LB 450

What our clients say

Their products are truly high quality. We purchase this glatt kosher  raviolis in bulk on a monthly basis for our restaurants. Service is top notch as well.

Patrick S.

Great supplier and manufacturer of frozen foods in the New York area. Great bulk pricing.

Alex J.

I love this Brand!! Truly great quality kosher food. We buy directly from them all the time, try them and you will know what I am talking about.

Molly A.
Go up!